Fer Hydraulik presents a wide range of heat exchangers as follows:

Air-Oil Coolers:
- Material: “long life” aluminum
- Operating pressure: 20 bar
- Flow rate up to 520 l/min.
- DC or AC electric fun units.
- Heat exchange capacity up to 2,75 Kw/°c

Water-Oil Coolers:
- Material: copper, brass, steel, AISI304, CUN110
- Operating pressure: 12 bar
- Flow rate up to 800 l/min.
- Heat exchange capacity up to 8,3 Kw/°c

Combined for Mobile Machineries:
- Operating pressure: 20 bar oil side, 1 bar water side
- Capacity: from 10Kw to 155Kw for engine
- Material: aluminium oil side, copper or aluminium for water side

Cooling System Units:
- Material: “long life” aluminum
- Gear or vane pumps with by-pass
- AC electric fun units
- Heat exchange capacity up to 0,7 Kw/°c

Besides we presents heat exchangers with integrated tank for closed loop hydrostatic transmissions. Special versions are available on demand.